The Vivobarefoot Tundra is a student concept focused on sustainability and changing user behavior.

Viovobarefoot is a relatively small footwear brand based in London. It sells premium barefoot shoes to athletes and others who continue to want a barefoot experience, despite trends moving in the opposite direction. In recent years, Vivobarefoot has been pushing hard to improve its sustainability – in products, production, and beyond. Not only is this a smart move for the planet, but it is also a compelling marketing piece. As head designer Asher Clark pointed out in an interview with Footwear News: “The cold reality is, conversations around sustainability and performance are easier to get people into than barefoot and what it does for you.” As Vivobarefoot continues to produce fringe products, it is seeking to introduce its principles to a wider audience by making sustainability headlines.
One of the most recent efforts has been ReVivo, a service which repairs old shoes to be resold at a discounted rate. (Something like Patagonia’s WornWear program.)The Tundra concept crafts a vision for a near-future Vivobarefoot shoe that utilizes new technology (bacterial deconstruction) to help make recycling more efficient, and human centered design (a sole that tell users when and where it can be recycled) to help get customers on board. 
Caleb Gess, Fall 2020
This is a student project and is in no way representative of any VivoBarefoot products.